Will Freddie Freeman Have Protection?

When you think of the term “having protection” it usually means carrying a handgun or in the case of a celebrity, having a bodyguard. Both are simple to obtain, all it takes is a phone call and a credit card.

Freddie Freeman may have both, I have no idea, that is his business. But what he may not have this season is protection batting behind him that can make the opponent pay for pitching around him.

With that big contract he signed last season, Freeman is going to be paid handsomely whether he has a huge season in 2015 or not.  I think he will most likely be close to the league lead in walks, forget about home runs, RBIs and batting average.

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So who will bat cleanup for the Braves this season now that Justin Upton and Evan Gattis are gone?  Chris Johnson?  Nick Markakis? Andrelton Simmons?  Christian Bethancourt?  Please don’t tell me Jonny Gomes, okay?

If Freddie Freeman wants to see good pitches this season, he will have to hang around a used car lot.  He’s not going to see many in the batter’s box this season.

Who do you think will bat clean-up behind Freeman this season?

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I can see Melvin Upton in the cleanup spot…..remember Freddi Gonzalez is the genius that put Upton batting leadoff with a sub 200 average.

dan harvey
dan harvey

If some hitters get on in front of ff then his protection behind won’t be quite as critical.