Will Braves Have Sense of Urgency in Playoffs?

Has Tom Glavine ever shown emotion?

Has Tom Glavine ever shown emotion?

The Atlanta Braves were known throughout their 14-year division championship run as going about their business on the field with a tight-lipped, button-down, corporate approach.  Rarely did Braves players show emotion, particularly by leaders of the team.

John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, Chipper Jones, Fred McGriff… those players went about their business like robots, efficient in their play, but lacking fire and enthusiasm.  They may have been excited when their huge paychecks arrived, but rarely did they demonstrate emotion during games.

When the playoffs came around, rarely did Bobby Cox make bold moves, rarely did he show fire.  My all-time most frustrating Braves game was when they were playing the Marlins in the playoffs and home plate umpire Eric Gregg was giving Marlins right-handed starter Livan Hernanzdez strikes that were a full foot outside.  Yet Cox sat there the entire game and let it happen without going out and raising holy hell.  Like he was in a catatonic state.

The Braves are admired as being a very successful, very classy organization.  Their business model has proved to work extremely well during the regular season.  But it has proven to not work very well during the playoffs.

Will the Braves change their approach during this year’s playoffs?  Will they show emotion and fire, or have that bland, corporate type approach?  Will manager Fredi Gonzalez be quick to make moves that need to be made, or will he wait before pulling an unproductive player?

Will the Braves change their past approach and have a sense of urgency in this year’s playoffs?

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I had my doubts until last night. A win is always balm to soothe the wounds of defeat(s); however, last night was SO MUCH more. No true fan of baseball likes to see a debacle such as was the spectacle created by the inept, witless, moronic, perpetual buffoonery of umpire C.B. Buckner, clearly the worst, most clueless, just plain lost umpire in Major League Baseball and while the ineptitude and lack of professional knowledge, wisdom and understanding he exhibited was something the fan of Major League Baseball never wants to witness, it did serve as the catalyst which the Braves… Read more »
Yes, they did show fire last night, and yes, C.B. Buckner is inept. However, the controversial call made by Buckner was correct. Fredi and Alex Wood were both ejected ranting about an accurate call. I never understand why players, and managers are ejected. There is a respectful way to question a call which allows you to remain in the game, where your team needs you. It’s selfish behavior to allow your ego and temper to get you booted. Last night, it did seem to trigger the bats, and hopefully will reignite the offense. There is a sense of urgency for… Read more »
Does anybody really realize how young this team is? Their longest serving veterans are either disabled or the worst performers on the team. The only veteran close to having a decent season is McCann and he is rumored to be on the way out. These veterans have shown the best leadership by not complaining about their lot (ref McCann’s recent statements). You can easily point to Heyward’s return as an example of leadership and toughness in returning so quickly, obviously inspiring the whole team. It’s the kids that show their emotion. While Wood went a little over the top, he… Read more »