Will Braves Line-Up Hole Be Addressed?

The Braves offense has been surprisingly productive in 2018. The question is, will it continue?

If Atlanta is going to actually contend this season, the offense must produce at a high level. You don’t have to be a major league baseball guru to realize that the Braves’ starting pitching is still a year or two away from being championship caliber. The bullpen could be turned around quick with a couple moves.

If deals are made to accelerate the process, that would change the occasion.

Up and down the Braves line-up they are solid. The one spot in the batting order that needs to be upgraded, is the clean-up spot. Nick Markakis is off to a decent start, but he just doesn’t provide the protection behind Freddie Freeman that is needed.

Jose Bautista was brought in to provide that protection behind Freeman. How much does he have left at 37 years old? If he can display the power he had back in his heyday and hit around .260, Bautista could be a big addition to the line-up. I question whether he has enough left.

If Bautista doesn’t produce, the other option would be batting Acuna clean-up. That is significant pressure to place on a 20-year old, but Acuna is a rare talent that seems capable of rising to any challenge.

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