Will Braves Finish with Best National League Record?

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The Braves trail the Pirates by 1/2 game for the best NL record

At the end of May, I predicted that the Atlanta Braves would win the National League East.  Even though the Washington National were anointed by many to be the best team in the National League, I thought the Braves had more depth and better chemistry.  Here’s the link to that article:  NL East Already Over:  Braves Win!

Now I’d like to just as confidently predict that the Braves will finish with the best record in the National League and have home field advantage in the playoffs, through the National League Championship Series.

For you worry warts who are concerned the Braves will give away games playing B.J. Upton in center field, take a deep breath and relax.  Everything is copacetic in Braves Country.

The main reason the Braves will finish with the best record in the National League, is their schedule.  Atlanta only has seven games remaining against teams who currently have winning records!  They play the Cardinals four games in St. Louis and the Indians three games in Atlanta.  That is their only games against winners.

Still not convinced?  Every single game the Braves will play in September will be against teams that currently have losing records!

Conversely, the Braves two main competitors for the National League’s best record, have much more difficult roads.  The Pirates have 21 games left against teams with winnings records and the Cardinals have 25 games.  The Cardinals and Pirates still have to play each other nine more times.

The National League East was predicted by many experts in the preseason to be the best National League division.  Fortunately for the Braves, it has turned out to be the worst.  That reality will give the Braves the best record in the National League, come season’s end.

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Bob Long
Bob Long

I sincerely hope you are right. The Braves play “lights out” baseball at home and that should lead to an easy advance to the World Series.