wandy rodriguez

Mike Minor Red Flags

Braves starter Mike Minor has been shut down due to shoulder soreness and oh boy is that ever a concern.  Minor had the same problems last season and never really got untracked after missing a large chunk of spring training. Minor received injections to relieve the inflammation and has adjusted his workout routine to minimize the muscular development and emphasize stretching.  Minor says he has be... »

Braves Need Free Agent Production

The Braves have a dubious track record in signing quality free agents in the past few years.  Derek Lowe, Kenshin Kawakami, and B.J. Upton immediately come to mind as in sweat-laced, nightmare-induced middle of the night screams. All three of those free agents were big buck signings and except for the one good year Lowe had, the money was like making a bet at a casino on the roulette wheel and hav... »