nick markakis

Braves Need Free Agent Production

The Braves have a dubious track record in signing quality free agents in the past few years.  Derek Lowe, Kenshin Kawakami, and B.J. Upton immediately come to mind as in sweat-laced, nightmare-induced middle of the night screams. All three of those free agents were big buck signings and except for the one good year Lowe had, the money was like making a bet at a casino on the roulette wheel and hav... »

Could Braves Surprise?

Spring training breeds eternal optimism and as we move towards Opening Day I am starting to like this Braves team.  If for no other reason than it is completely different from last year’s boring, disjointed, psychological mess. Are you ready to see a new concept in Atlanta Braves baseball this season?  This year’s team will actually be able to bunt, hit behind the runner and not strike... »

Braves Waiting on New Acquisitions

The Braves two big off-season acquisitions, Shelby Miller and Nick Markakis, have yet to get the engine in gear this spring. Markakis is still working to overcome his off-season neck surgery and Miller was blasted in his spring debut. Obviously this is no big deal, the regular season doesn’t start in almost a month, yet with the Braves this season I think the fans need some warm and fuzzies ... »

Braves Offense Fast Food?

The past four seasons the Braves made the playoffs in 2013 and 2012, while they missed in 2014 and 2011. Atlanta is predicted to struggle in 2015, but perhaps the Braves can surprise people this year by improving one important offensive statistic. When you break down the Braves past four seasons, the one offensive statistic that has keyed success or failure is on-base-percentage. Atlanta’s O... »

Braves Strange Moves

With the smoke still clearing from the Braves off-season roster nuking, you still can’t help but shake your and wonder what happened and why.  A year ago this time, the Braves organization was puffing out its’ chest in pride over what it had built. The past couple seasons the Atlanta Braves were one of the youngest teams in baseball.  Supposedly a talented young bunch that was going to... »

Braves Management Worse Case Scenario?

The Braves have been in full tear down mode all winter, trading off solid major league players for prospects. Casinos and experts have taken note, almost all predicting that the Braves will finish the 2015 season with  a low 70s win total , one of the worst in major league baseball. But what happens if players like Freddie Freeman, Chris Johnson, Andrelton Simmons and Nick Markakis all hit up to t... »