National League East

Nationals Starter Gio Gonzalez

Braves Fans Don’t Look Back

Atlanta Braves fans have smirked and laughed all season at the cocky Washington Nationals’ problems.  The Nationals were the odds on favorite to win the National League East, but struggled to stay above .500 most of the season. Wait until next year for the Nationals, right? Well, not exactly.  The Nationals have won seven in a row and 18 of their last 22 games, to climb within 4 games of the... »

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Braves Baseball Feels Like the Good Old Days

As we head into September, Atlanta Braves baseball 2013 feels like the good old days.  It feels like back in the days when the Braves won 14 division championships in a row, and fans expected them to be in the playoffs, like it was their birthright. No one expected the Braves to run away with the NL East this season.  Washington was supposed to be a powerhouse and the Braves would have all they co... »

The Braves Have Shut Everyone Up

The Braves Have Shut Everyone Up

The Atlanta Braves are on a thirteen game roll that has shut Braves fans up.  How can you complain about anything when the team is winning every night and has a 15.5 game lead in the NL East? If you complain after thirteen straight wins, you are a certifiable idiot. Fans love to complain, we all know that.  So much so that I think many fans like to complain more than they like to win.  Fans all sa... »

Braves Haven’t Peaked Yet

Braves Haven’t Peaked Yet

The Atlanta Braves have opened up a substantial lead in the National League East, yet there is the feeling that the Braves are not a formidable team.  A big reason for that is the NL East itself.  The Braves are the only team in the division with a record above .500. The Braves also have only the 3rd best record in the National League and the Dodgers are the hottest team in baseball, led by their ... »

Are Braves Entering Crucial Stretch?

Are Braves Entering Crucial Stretch?

No one will dispute that the Atlanta Braves have had a really good start to the year.  They are first in the NL East and have one of the better records in baseball.  They are also the only team in their division with a positive run differential.  I still have one big concern though, that continues to bug me. Have the Braves done enough?  What I mean by that is have they given themselves enough of ... »

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Money Talks: Braves Odds On NL East Favorite

Bovada has released its major league odds and they like the Atlanta Braves chances in the rest of the season and the playoffs. The Braves are 1/3 favorites to win the National League Eastern Division, while the second place Washington Nationals are listed at 2/1.  The Phillies are touted at a respectable 18/1, while the Mets are a hopeless 50/1 and the Marlins are considered almost no chance at 10... »

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NL East Race Already Over: Braves Win!

The Braves have already won the National League Eastern Division.  The rest of the league just doesn’t know it yet. The Washington Nationals and their fans think they are going to get things together, and make a charge to overtake the Braves.  Well, they won’t.  The Nationals had their 15 minutes of fame last year, and history will show their team to be nothing more than a “One H... »

Braves Clock the Ball

Nationals Closing in On Braves

The Washington Nationals beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 5-4 in Pittsburgh on Saturday afternoon, to come within two games of the Atlanta Braves in the National League East.  The Braves had a four and a half game lead over the Nationals, before losing the last two games of a four game series that concluded this past Thursday night. Both the Braves and Nationals lost on Friday night. The Braves have lo... »