melvin upton

Braves Bad Good News

Normally when there’s word that an injured starter is beginning to progress and will resume workouts soon, it is great news.  The fan base breathes a huge sigh of relief and the mental calendar is noted when the hero is expected to return. Unfortunately for the Atlanta Braves and Braves fans, the Melvin Upton situation is not normal.  I’m sure when many Braves fans heard that Upton rec... »

Upton Return Controversial?

Melvin Upton, Jr. (B.J. for those of you who haven’t heard about his name change) will undoubtedly cause controversy in Braves Country when he returns in May.  Until Upton returns there will be a replacement in center field, and as long as he can fog a mirror, he will put up better numbers than Upton did the past two seasons. The candidates to replace Upton in center field are Todd Cunningha... »