Evan Gattis

Christian Bethancourt Questions

Christian Bethancourt is a real key this season if the Braves are going to have a good year. Despite his promise performance at the major league level last season, he is still a question mark. Bethancourt has been criticized in the past for not playing with full intensity, but his approach in Atlanta last season and so far this spring, indicate he is fully engaged. Fans almost always track hitting... »

Braves Offense Fast Food?

The past four seasons the Braves made the playoffs in 2013 and 2012, while they missed in 2014 and 2011. Atlanta is predicted to struggle in 2015, but perhaps the Braves can surprise people this year by improving one important offensive statistic. When you break down the Braves past four seasons, the one offensive statistic that has keyed success or failure is on-base-percentage. Atlanta’s O... »

Braves Strange Moves

With the smoke still clearing from the Braves off-season roster nuking, you still can’t help but shake your and wonder what happened and why.  A year ago this time, the Braves organization was puffing out its’ chest in pride over what it had built. The past couple seasons the Atlanta Braves were one of the youngest teams in baseball.  Supposedly a talented young bunch that was going to... »

Justin Upton Needs More Consistency

Justin Upton Needs More Consistency

Continuing with our series on the Atlanta Braves batting order, I am going to talk about the number six position.  I think Justin Upton should bat sixth for the Braves. and that is despite the fact that he had a .301/.384/.538 in the number two slot in the order last season. Fredi Gonzalez has already indicated that Upton will again bat second this season, based on his numbers last season in the t... »

Heyward Should Lead From Middle

Continuing with my series on the Atlanta Braves batting order, I am going to discuss the fifth spot.  If you read my articles on the first four spots, you know that I don’t always agree with Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez. So far my Braves batting order looks like this:  1. Schafer (against righties), B.J. Upton (against lefties) 2. Chris Johnson 3. Freddie Freeman 4. Evan Gattis. Anyone miss... »

Evan Gattis Comes Full Circle

Evan Gattis Comes Full Circle

The past few years the Atlanta Braves batting order has not had a guy you would automatically pencil in at the cleanup spot.  It has been cleanup by committee. Now that Evan Gattis is the every day catcher, he is the logical choice to bat fourth.  I’m not breaking any new ground, here.  Fredi Gonzalez has already stated that Gattis will be his cleanup hitter this season.  This is the second ... »

Same Old Sad Braves Song

Same Old Sad Braves Song

Atlanta Braves fans, who have followed the team since the early 90s, have been disappointed often over the years.  Exciting, competitive Braves teams, have seemingly turned to jelly, more times than not, in the postseason. The Braves postseason pitching always seems to range from good to outstanding, while the hitting ranges from below average to horror show.  While the pitching did actually show ... »

Atlanta Braves Caps

Dodgers Send Braves Home

Uribe’s 8th inning home run put an end to the Atlanta Braves 2013 season. The Dodgers won 4-3 and won the NLDS 3-1. The Dodgers relied on the bat of Carl Crawford to get their first 2 runs during game 4.  His home runs in the 1st and 3rd innings put the Dodgers up 2-0. The Braves finally managed to tie things up against Kershaw in the 4th inning.  It started when Chris Johnson singled to left fiel... »