Eric Young

Braves Batting Order Dilemna

The past two seasons the Braves had problems at the top of the batting order. Lacking a true lead-off man, or number two hitter, Fredi Gonzalez was forced to try and pound square pegs into round holes. Sure, Jason Heyward did a pretty good job batting lead-off, but he certainly wasn’t prototypical in that slot.  It also seemed to have an adverse effect on his power numbers. When Nick Markaki... »

Could Braves Surprise?

Spring training breeds eternal optimism and as we move towards Opening Day I am starting to like this Braves team.  If for no other reason than it is completely different from last year’s boring, disjointed, psychological mess. Are you ready to see a new concept in Atlanta Braves baseball this season?  This year’s team will actually be able to bunt, hit behind the runner and not strike... »

Simmons Kimbrel

Hudson Undergoes Successful Surgery

Atlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson underwent successful surgery Friday afternoon, for an injury he sustained Wednesday night against the New York Mets. The Atlanta Braves media relations department announced that the veteran pitcher’s surgery was to repair a fractured fibula and the deltoid ligament in his right ankle and was performed by Dr. Marvin Royster in Atlanta.  He is expected to begi... »

Tim Hudson Suffers Ankle Fracture (Video)

Tim Hudson Suffers Ankle Fracture (Video)

Atlanta Braves starter Tim Hudson left Wednesday night’s game against the Mets in New York with what has been diagnosed as a right ankle fracture.  He is heading back to Atlanta and will have surgery.  Hudson’s foot was immobilized immediately after the play by paramedics and he left the field on a golf cart.  Pleased be advised, this video is not for the squeamish. Hudson was covering... »