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The Atlanta Braves MVP:  Martin Prado

The Atlanta Braves MVP: Martin Prado

Kris Medlen had an unbelievable second half, and Chipper Jones was surprisingly solid, and clutch all season. I’ve read blogs that make solid arguments about why Medlen and Jones were the Atlanta Braves’ 2012 MVP. But the Braves 2012 MVP was Martin Prado, and it was never more clear than when the Braves played the Mets on June 14. Atlanta started the game with one shortstop on the acti... »

Rising Braves Players Tearing Up the Winter Leagues

Rising Braves Players Tearing Up the Winter Leagues

Several Atlanta Braves minor league players, who are hoping to make an impact at the major league level next season, are off to great starts in winter league baseball. Left fielder Jose Constanza, is leading the Dominican League in hitting, with a gaudy .385 average.  In 39 at bats Constanza has 15 hits, and stolen 2 bases in 2 attempts.  Constanza hit .281 the past two seasons with Atlanta, in 20... »

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Who Will Fill Chipper’s Leadership Void?

Chipper Jones was the Atlanta Braves’ unquestioned leader and player’s mouthpiece.  Now that he has retired who will fill that void? Catcher Brian McCann was the consensus choice, but his injury situation will either take him elsewhere or keep him on the shelf a considerable amount of time next season.  Nix McCann. So lets look at this job opening like a Human Resources professional wo... »