Brandon Phillips

Dansby AAA Gwinnett Bound Soon?

Listening to the Braves post game wrap-up last night, something surprising happened. Braves hosts Brian Jordan and Jerome Jurenovich opined very strongly that Dansby Swanson Atlanta Brave, should be Dansby Swanson AAA Gwinnett. They both said he needs to play every day and it is hurting his development sitting on the bench. If you watch the post game show frequently, it is apparent that the hosts ... »

Dan Uggla Braves

Braves Second Baseman Beautifully Uggla

Outside of one 33 game stretch during the summer of 2011, Atlanta Braves second baseman Dan Uggla has not really lived up to what most Braves fans expected after signing a five-year $62 million contract.  All of those lost in a world encompassed by hate of the all-star second baseman need to just realize that the contract is spilled milk at this point. The frustrations experienced every time his p... »