a.j. pierzynski

Braves Stuck in the Middle

The Atlanta Braves are a surprising team so far this season, hanging around the .500 mark and avoiding long losing streaks.  Being at the .500 mark isn’t enough to pound your chest and let off primal screams, but compared to what the Braves were predicted to be this season, it’s not bad.  If management hadn’t flushed the season in the desire to build up for when the new stadium o... »

Braves Need Free Agent Production

The Braves have a dubious track record in signing quality free agents in the past few years.  Derek Lowe, Kenshin Kawakami, and B.J. Upton immediately come to mind as in sweat-laced, nightmare-induced middle of the night screams. All three of those free agents were big buck signings and except for the one good year Lowe had, the money was like making a bet at a casino on the roulette wheel and hav... »

Christian Bethancourt Questions

Christian Bethancourt is a real key this season if the Braves are going to have a good year. Despite his promise performance at the major league level last season, he is still a question mark. Bethancourt has been criticized in the past for not playing with full intensity, but his approach in Atlanta last season and so far this spring, indicate he is fully engaged. Fans almost always track hitting... »