Ronald Acuna Age Factor Holding Him Back?

The Ronald Acuna age factor is all holding the young slugger back. Conventional wisdom is let Acuna keep learning in the minors and you know baseball people and their conventional wisdom. You don’t want to rush the kid and perhaps ruin his confidence, right? You gotta play it by the book.

If you are Ronald Acuna, you are probably wondering what you have to do before the Braves call you up  You have torn up the minor leagues from A to AAA and outperformed all the other Atlanta prospects. The Braves don’t want to promote Acuna due to his age, which raises the ridiculous question; is that age discrimination? Is being too young a reason to hold a player back, even though his production is exceeding all his teammates?

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Acuna had two more hits Sunday night, he is now hitting .348 with a .426 on base average and .576 slugging percentage. The young outfielder’s numbers have increased every time he has been promoted this season. The bigger the stage, the more the Venezuelan outfielder has produced.

Atlanta rookies Johan Camargo, Sean Newcomb, Ozzie Albies and Lucas Sims have all been promoted. Besides Camargo, who hit .311 at Gwinnett this season, the other rookies’ Triple-A production doesn’t approach Acuna.

Max Fried, the left-handed rookie, was just promoted yesterday, despite a 5.92 ERA at Double-A Mississippi. A 5.92 ERA is like a position player hitting .160. Yet Fried is now in Atlanta eating major league post game meals.

Pitchers Aaron Blair and Matt Wisler have struggled, yet both have had their major league chance this season. Wisler keeps popping up like late night infomercials.

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Third baseman Rio Ruiz had his opportunity before the Braves decided he needed more Triple-A. There’s been a few others who have cashed major league checks.

I’m not suggesting Acuna call an EEO attorney, but the kid is probably more than a little frustrated that he isn’t in the majors yet. Acuna is performing at a very high level, yet others are reaping rewards he isn’t, just because they are older.

If the only reason Ronald Acuna is not being promoted is because he is only nineteen, that means just one thing.  It means Ronald Acuna is ready.

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Braves Maniac

I have to agree with you on this, John. Although I probably would have said it differently. lol There isn’t much more the kid can do in the minors. Heck, Francoeur was promoted from Double-A and was only hitting like .275. What difference does a few months make. This kid has the talent to make it happen.

The Hammer

You’re crazy, the kid needs more seasoning. What is the rush to get him to the majors!

Braves Dolly

I can’t wait until Acuna is called up! Do you think it will be this season? The games have been boring lately, Acuna could give the team a spark!

Braves Maniac

I read something where they may not call Acuna up due to some technical reason. I didn’t understand what they meant. Hopefully it is untrue!