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    Braves Fans – Welcome!

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Will Braves Finally Contend?

The Braves have had three lousy seasons in a row. They have been in rebuild mode the past two, yet they have remained defiant, adamant before each season that they can compete. Will the Braves contend... »

Could Ozzie Albies Force Braves Hand?

Braves rookie second baseman Ozzie Albies could force the Braves hand real soon. Albies is off to a solid start in spring, his elbow injury a fleeting memory. The Braves brought in Brandon Phillips fr... »

Former Braves Solution Now Question Mark

Tyrell Jenkins was once considered a potential solution in the Atlanta Braves starting rotation.  Now Jenkins is on the street looking to find a job. The Texas Rangers DFA’d Jenkins, the former ... »

Braves Rebuild Concerns

John Schuerholz won all the division championships, everybody loves Snit, Coppy is the the boy wonder and John Hart is the proven veteran.  But when is this crew going to win? At what point does the r... »

Braves Liquidate Cameron Maybin

Your Atlanta Braves traded the asset known as Cam Maybin and his $8 million per year paycheck for a couple pitching prospects.  The Braves need more pitching prospects like Charlie Sheen needs another... »

MLB/Braves Need Salary Cap to End Foolishness

If Major League Baseball had a salary cap like the NFL, all this foolishness with teams like the Braves tanking wouldn’t happen.  A minimum and maximum salary cap to protect the fans on both end... »

Assessing Freeman Trade Rumor

There are rumors exploding around the internet that the Braves are shopping everybody that is owed money.  That would include Nick Markakis, Julio Teheran, Cameron Maybin and yes, Freddie Freeman. If ... »

Craig Kimbrel Traded Again

Former Braves stud closer Craig Kimbrel is on the move again.  The Padres traded Kimbrel to the Boston Red Sox for 4 players. “With the history and the fans in Boston, the atmosphere is always awesome... »