Same Old Braves So Far

It’s only one game and only one series, but the Braves showed us something against the Brewers in Milwaukee. Atlanta won in typical Braves fashion, with pitching and defense and after the losses in the starting rotation, that is huge for team and fan confidence.

Aaron Harang just shut up all the naysayers who questioned the move in releasing Freddy Garcia to sign him.  His fastball was sitting at 91/92 with good movement and his location was excellent.  Only one walk in 6 1/3 innings, you gotta love that.

What can’t be discounted is how the Braves organization, philosophy and coaching provide the environment and the tools for players to be successful.  No different from any of us working for a company, in the right environment we thrive, in the wrong environment we shrivel up.

Some notables:  Jordan Schafer inserted in left in place of Justin Upton for defensive purposes, only one Braves regular hitting above .300, B.J. Upton now sitting at .083 (1 for 12) with 6 strikeouts and .008 ahead of his brother, Justin.

Craig Kimbrel looks to be in mid-season form with 2 saves in 2 attempts with 4 strikeouts in 2 innings.  Much better than he was last season after participating in the World Baseball Classic.

From the “in case you missed it file”…Tim Hudson debuted for the Giants in grand fashion, going 7 2/3 innings and giving up zero runs on only 3 hits to get the win.  He didn’t walk anybody and struck out 7 in a dominating performance.  If Harang hadn’t pitched as well as he did yesterday, the magpies would be lighting up  the internet about how the Braves should have resigned Hudson.

What are your thoughts on the Braves series against Milwaukee and heading into Washington to face the Nationals this weekend?

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Please get Upton out of centerfield and out of the 2 hole. Jordan Schafer can play the position plus he makes contact and gets on base, plus he has speed once he gets there. I’d love to see him lead off and move Heyward to a more suitable spot in the lineup so as to utilize his power. Sometimes I think the Braves win in spite of their manager.


As long as we win series, you can give BJ every opportunity he needs to see if he is worth any millions let alone 15. When we start losing series, something will have to change. (and he is only striking out 1 out of 2 at bats so far)
Remember the only thing that really matters is scoring more runs than the other teams enough times to get into the playoffs (preferrably winning the division).
Playing pitch and catch is what will win this team games.
Let’s go Braves!

Al Simard
Al Simard

Love your writing Jim, I think you have the pulse of this team

Mike Crowe
Mike Crowe

Guess I’m a Magpie then.