NL East Race Already Over: Braves Win!

Atlanta Braves Caps

Atlanta Braves Snap Back (Photo credit: GlobalGoodGroup)

The Braves have already won the National League Eastern Division.  The rest of the league just doesn’t know it yet.

The Washington Nationals and their fans think they are going to get things together, and make a charge to overtake the Braves.  Well, they won’t.  The Nationals had their 15 minutes of fame last year, and history will show their team to be nothing more than a “One Hit Wonder.”  The DeFranco Family of baseball.

The Nationals have gotten whipped off the field, too.  Gattitude has already chewed up and spit out Nattitude.

Braves fans can look in their rear view mirror without hesitation.  That isn’t the Washington Nationals gaining on them.  It may be concession prices, though.

The NL East is once again Braves Country.

The Braves are currently 31-19, and have had enough injuries so far this season to start their own orthopedic clinic.  Yet that hasn’t stopped them from opening up a nice, cushy lead.

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Brian McCann, Freddie Freeman and Jason Heyward have all missed large chunks of the season, and lefty bullpen ace JonnyVenters and top starter Brandon Beachy haven’t pitched all season.  Despite those losses, and the recent loss of key setup man Eric O’Flaherty, the Braves have kept rocking along.

McCann is now back and hitting like a guy who is in the last year of his contract and looking for a huge deal that will give many generations of his family eternal financial security.  Freeman has assumed the clean-up spot in the order, and is feasting on RBI opportunities, and Heyward has hit the ball hard since he returned from appendectomy surgery.

Evan Gattis,  Craig Kimbrel, Justin Upton, Chris Johnson, the starting rotation, Andrelton Simmons’ great defense, the Braves have more assets than Bill Gates.  But the main reason why the Braves will win the NL East, is they have a stockpile of quality players that they can trade to overcome whatever injuries or weaknesses may present themselves the rest of the way.

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When Beachy returns, the Braves will have six quality starters, they have three quality catchers, they have two quality third basemen, and they have a couple extra outfielders.  They even have a utility infielder (Ramiro Pena) who many teams would covet as a starter.  The Braves also have quality minor players that they could deal if necessary.

Braves GM Frank Wren has a virtual blank check at his disposal to win the NL East Division  Championship this season.

You can start printing the 2013 NL Eastern Division Champion banners.  Braves win!

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