Mike Minor Red Flags

Braves starter Mike Minor has been shut down due to shoulder soreness and oh boy is that ever a concern.  Minor had the same problems last season and never really got untracked after missing a large chunk of spring training.

Minor received injections to relieve the inflammation and has adjusted his workout routine to minimize the muscular development and emphasize stretching.  Minor says he has been told there is nothing wrong with his shoulder structurally, so that is good news.

It is good news if that is actually the case, how many times over the years have we been told that an injury is no problem and then at a later time they do a different test and find out that the injury is actually worse.

The Braves need Mike Minor to be healthy and effective, like he was pre-2014, when he was a Top 10 NL pitcher.  

Do I think it is time to panic?  Not quite yet, but sleep on Wandy Rodriguez being the number four starter and when you wake up see how the toast and coffee taste in the morning.

If your morning toast and coffee taste okay, then think about Eric Stults or Mike Foltynewicz being the number five starter and tell me how your roast beef sandwich and fries taste at lunch.

If the breakfast and/or lunch taste lousy you may want to forget food and have a liquid dinner.  

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