Medlen Injury News Like Death Watch

Medlen Braves Starter

Kris Medlen

Awaiting the news on Atlanta Braves starter Kris Medlen‘s arm health feels like we’re waiting around on a death watch.  That sounds overly dramatic, but if Medlen is out for the season, it will be a huge blow to the Braves’ chances in 2014.

Medlen was a rock in the Braves rotation last season and was probably going to be the Opening Day starter.  He was the Game One starter the past two playoffs.

From a media standpoint, Medlen is the most approachable of all Braves players.  Always does what he can to help the pens and microphones do their jobs.  Unaffected by his celebrity and just an all around good guy.

Damn, I hate spring training.  Seems like every year a key Braves player gets hurt playing games that don’t mean anything.

With Mike Minor‘s shoulder problems, it appears that the rotation the Braves may start the season with will be Julio Teheran, Brandon Beachy, Freddy Garcia, Alex Wood and rookie David Hale.  Three of those players (Garcia, Wood, Hale) spent most of last season in AAA and the other one (Beachy) spent most the season on the disabled list.

Even when you add Minor to the rotation, are the Braves a 90 win team?  If the team is managed in the same style it was last season, they aren’t.

If Medlen is out for the season, the Braves have no margin for error.  There are no games that can be thrown away waiting for players to figure out their swings.  If it is B.J. or Uggla or anyone else, if they are not hitting, they have to sit and Fredi has to put the guys out there who are hitting.

It has been a long year already…

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Jim, good to see you again, & on point as always! With or without Medlen, your final paragraph speaks loudly. We spent last season waiting for the likes of BJ Upton & Dan Uggla to find their swing, & be productive offensively. The Braves cannot afford to lead the league in strikeouts again. I hope this season Fredi will play the guys with the hot bats, regardless of name or contract. This is how they will win, despite the pitching situation. Have you heard Fredi make any comments regarding this situation?