Julio Teheran Trade Value Still High

Julio Teheran is having his worst season as a major leaguer. The 26-year old right-hander is 7-10 with a bloated 4.98 ERA.

Trade rumors about Teheran continually pop up, Braves GM John Coppolella is undoubtedly taking calls.

Looking at his raw stats, it would appear Teheran’s trade value is low. When you break down the numbers, the right-hander’s value should still be reasonably high.

The Braves former ace is giving up more than a touchdown a game at SunTrust Park. Teheran is 1-8 with an awful 7.07 ERA; on the road he is 6-2 with a 3.24 ERA. You don’t have to be a highly paid baseball analyst to understand that if traded, Teheran won’t be pitching often at SunTrust Park.

So Teheran should still be a coveted asset to most other teams.

What Coppolella needs to figure out in the remaining games, is whether Teheran can turn it around at SunTrust Park. Is it a mental block, or does Teheran’s game just not fit in the new stadium?

If there is significant doubt about Teheran’s  productivity at the new stadium, the Braves can’t bring him back in 2018.

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The Hammer
The Hammer

Time to trade Julio and move on with the new guys. Julio is just too finicky!!

Teeny Brave
Teeny Brave

They ought to get a third baseman a reliever for him. He’s only 26 with a team friendly contract.