John Smoltz Atlanta Braves Net Worth

John Smoltz, former Atlanta Braves pitcher and Hall of Famer, has a net worth that is speculated to be $60 million.  Maybe dad should have spent more time when you were young, playing catch in the backyard?

I’m not sure why we care about the net worth of John Smoltz or any other sports celebrities, but when you see the high ratings for shows like TMZ and the number of magazines sold about celebrities, it is obvious a sizable number of people DO care.

If you were watching the Braves back in the 1990s, you know that Smoltz was worth every penny he made.  He was better than Glavine and Maddux in the playoffs, if the Braves had three John Smoltzes instead of one John Smoltz, one Tom Glavine and one Greg Maddux, they would have won a few more World Championships.  Smoltz was that good in the post season.

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Smoltz isn’t worth as much as Glavine or Maddux, though.  Greg Maddux has a net worth estimated around $70 million and Glavine over $100 million.  Braves fan favorite Chipper Jones is estimated to be worth $110 million.

So Even though Smoltzie was the Braves MVP in the playoffs, his paycheck and current net worth don’t match the incredible playoff performances that he delivered. I’m sure he is getting by and able to pay the bills on his $60 million nest egg, though.

The net worth figures in this article were obtained from Celebrity Net Worth.

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