Camargo or Swanson at Short?  


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02/06/2018 7:43 pm  

Dansby Swanson is now under .260 and dropping after his fast start. Camargo is only hitting mid .220s but has 5 homers and his OPS is in the .800s. Camargo has always been known as the Braves best fielding infielder.

Will Camargo take over at short if the Braves acquire a new third baseman? Mike Moustakas perhaps?

For some reason the Braves don't seem that high on Camargo. They even brought in a used up bum like Jose Baustita to play third.

Now that Camargo is starting every day at third, he will get the at bats to prove himself and everything will shake out. Hopefully they both play great and everything is all set going forward.



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