Do Braves Have New Attitude?

Braves AJC beat writer Dave O’Brien and Macon Telegraph writer Bill Shanks are reporting that there is a new and improved attitude at the Braves spring camp. There’s newly acquired veterans like Jonny Gomes and A.J. Pierzynski, who are supposedly sprinkling magic words that are energizing the formerly dead locker room.

I’m sorry but it is easy to be skeptical about such talk.  Every spring training brings glowing words that somehow make everything seem wonderful.  I don’t recall any gloom and doom coming out of last year’s spring, do you?

Admittedly, change can be good.  The Braves were sorely in need of an organizational enema.  New GM John Hart has made widespread changes, we’ll start to see in a little over a week how those moves play out.

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What is rarely talked about is that the Braves used to be a team that was near the top in money spent on player salaries.  The golden years of Bobby Cox and John Schuerholz were fueled by Ted Turner‘s big bucks.  It is no coincidence that since Turner’s dollars exited the Braves, the team has not been a consistent winner.

The Braves had very good leaders in Brian McCann and Tim Hudson.  But they couldn’t afford to keep them and they are now productive and valuable players elsewhere.  Back in the heyday when Bobby Cox was manager and Schuerholz was the GM, players like McCann and Hudson would not have gotten away.

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