Chipper Jones Guzzling the Kool-Aid

Our beloved Chipper Jones is evidently guzzling John Hart‘s Kool-Aid and smacking his lips it tastes so good. Chipper is wholeheartedly behind the Braves dumping Kimbrel.

Based on this mentality, why not go ahead and dump Freddie Freeman and Andrelton Simmons, too.  Go ahead and throw in Teheran, Alex Wood and Shelby Miller while you are on a roll.  The Braves should get rid of all their good major league players now and obtain more prospects so they can REALLY rebuild for the future.

I ask you one common sense question:  how does trading the best closer in baseball, the one Braves true star who is only in his mid 20s, get the Braves back to what made them?  HOW???

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The whole thing doesn’t make sense, signing Nick Markakis for $44 million, right after dumping Heyward, Justin Upton and Evan Gattis.  Now dumping Craig Kimbrel.

This comes after last season signing Kimbrel, Freeman, Simmons, Chris Johnson and Teheran to huge deals.  Lets not forget that Schuerholz, Bobby Cox and John Hart were all there when those deals were signed.  Frank Wren isn’t the blame for everything.

If you have ever taken business courses in college, the Braves appear to be in crisis management mode.  No plan, just rolling from one idea to another, trying to find something that sounds good.  When in doubt, sell off assets and bamboozle your customers with the fantasy of a rosy future, with the new Emerald City awaiting in two years.

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road, baby!

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Mike Crowe
Mike Crowe

Oh please. This is the most ignorant, senseless, uninformed article I’ve ever read here. Either tell me you are yet 20 years old, or this is just bait to draw comments and I will let it slide. Otherwise you should be covering curling and leave baseball to the adults.

Christopher McDonald
Christopher McDonald

I agree with Chipper….they didn’t break up the 1927 Yankees as Hart put it..and we’re 4-0….