Chipper Jones Dominates Strange Braves Off-Season

Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves

Does Chipper miss Braves fans more than they miss him?

The Atlanta Braves have had a strange off-season.  The news hasn’t been dominated by the usual baseball stuff, like a big free agent signing, or a blockbuster multi-player deal.

Sure Brian McCann and Tim Hudson exiting the Braves was news, but McCann leaving via free agency was expected, and although Hudson getting the deal he did to leave for the Giants was a little surprising, neither lit up Facebook or Twitter.  Signing a journeyman starter coming off elbow surgery doesn’t exactly light up the adrenaline meter, either.

The biggest news this off-season has been the Braves exiting Atlanta to build a new stadium complex in Cobb County.  If anyone had doubt whether it was a good move for the Braves to get away from the Atlanta city government, go talk to a few of the thousands who were stuck in their cars on freeways for over a day with no food, water, or bathroom facilities during last week’s snowstorm.

With pitchers and catchers reporting in a little over a week, you’d think spring training and team happenings would be dominating the news.  Nope, our old friend Chipper Jones has stolen the headlines.   Recently we learned that Chipper set his yard on fire, and then last week we found out that he rode to the rescue on his ATV and snatched former teammate Freddie Freeman from the jaws of the dastardly snowstorm.

Earlier in the off-season we were treated to the news that Chip has his Roswell house up for sale so he can move to Texas, and work the family ranch.  Of course, no Chipper Jones story nowadays can be written without reference to his former Playboy model girlfriend.  It is a Federal law.

What’s funny is that when talking about his impending retirement in his last week as a Braves player, Chipper commented that he was looking forward to relaxing and “getting away from you guys” (the media).  Boy have the tables ever turned.  Chipper, we are looking forward to getting away from you!  Braves fans and media want baseball news, go live your life and leave us alone!

Maybe the Braves not doing much this off-season in the way of player moves is a good thing.  Like when Congress has a 50/50 Republican to Democrat ratio, and the gridlock ties up the useless bills the politicians put forth, so nothing is passed and the free market is allowed to work on its own.

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