Brian Snitker Contract Like Living Together

The Brian Snitker contract status will be an interesting off season topic. Snitker will return as Braves manager, according to AJC Columnist, Jeff Schultz. The Braves manager has Freddie Freeman‘s backing and that is a strong word to have in your corner.

That makes you feel good, “Snitker told Schultz. “That kind of validates what you’re trying to do. The workplace I’m trying to create, the culture. It starts with the players. I appreciate that.”

One thing I learned a long time ago about sports. It isn’t always a good thing to have the players like a coach or manager. Bill Belichick and Nick Saban are two of the most miserable people in sports. Billy Martin and Earl Weaver made good drinking buddies, they were pricks in the clubhouse.

All things considered, Snitker is probably a good manager to have during this transition period. The long time Braves employee provides a steady influence and is respected inside the clubhouse.

If a World Championship is indeed the ultimate goal, Snitker as the long term solution is another story. The Braves started so horribly last season under Fredi Gonzalez, it made the job Snitker did look really good. Snitker led the Braves to a 59-65 record in 2016. This season, with more talent and a higher payroll, Snitker’s Braves are 51-59. In other words, the team has not done poorly, but they certainly have not overachieved.

Brian Snitker Contract Length

The big question about Snitker returning, what do the Braves do about his contract? The Braves signed Snitker to a 2017 one-year deal, a “definite maybe” type contract. The Braves wanted Snitker back, they just didn’t have a huge confidence level that he would do well. Snitker’s 2017 contract is the dating version of, lets live together but not get married.

Blame Snitker’s one-year deal on B.J. Upton and Derek Lowe. After those two contracts the Braves are shying away from long term deals, unless they have no other option. I wouldn’t doubt if the coke and popcorn machines at SunTrust are month-to-month.

My guess is that Snitker will be rewarded with a two year deal after this season. If Braves management wants a different manager after 2018, they would gladly give a loyal guy like Snitker a well-earned one year severance.

Braves management has seen enough to evaluate Snitker’s managerial skills. If all they are willing to give him is a one-year deal in 2018, I’d strongly advise Snitker to avoid buying a new house.

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The Hammer
The Hammer

I don’t like Snitker, he is too much a company man. The Braves need an experienced and proven manager, not Schuerholz’s puppet.

Braves Maniac
Braves Maniac

Snitker has done a good job, the players love him and they play hard for him. I say give him a multi-year deal.

John Harmon

Snitker has the same qualities that Bobby Cox possessed. He never outright criticizes his players and off the field he leaves the last game behind. Fredi Gonzalez was the same way, that is the Braves managerial template.

The Hammer
The Hammer

I think Bobby got a little surly later in his career. Fredi was actually more even keeled than Bobby,