Braves Rumors

R.A. Dickey Placed on Revocable Waivers

Starter R.A. Dickey and reliever Jim Johnson have been placed on revocable waivers, according to Peter Gammons. After the July 31 deadline, teams can still trade players if they clear waivers. If a team claims Dickey or Johnson, they can be pulled back and remain with the Braves. Teams often place players on waivers after the trade deadline to gauge interest and find out what contenders would be i... »

Kurt Suzuki Trade Rumors Swirling

The Braves traded Jaime Garcia, it makes sense that a Kurt Suzuki trade will happen before the July 31 deadline. Suzuki, like Garcia, will be a free agent after this season. Braves GM John Coppolella likes to squeeze value rather than having players contracts expire on his dime. is reporting that the Rangers have interest in Kurt Suzuki. The Colorado Rockies are also sniffing around. I hav... »

Jaime Garcia Trade Talks Intensify

Jaime Garcia trade talks have intensified since the lefty’s gutty performance Friday night. Garcia pitched seven strong innings against the Dodgers and crashed a grand slam home run. The two straight sharp performances have erased concerns about Garcia’s prior struggles. Garcia’s solid performances weren’t against bottom feeders, either. The veteran limited Arizona to one r... »

Braves Deal Starter in Salary Dump

Jaime Garcia has been traded to the Minnesota Twins in a deal that will involve a minor leaguer coming to the Braves, according to sources close to the situation. The trade will not be formally announced until both players pass a physical. Don’t expect the Braves to acquire a major talent in the deal. The player will most likely be a low level minor league player. The veteran lefty has strug... »

Matt Adams Reported Trade Potential

The Braves are reportedly telling potential trade partners that they most likely will keep Matt Adams this season. The big first baseman has been integral to the Braves resurgence. Since arriving in Atlanta to replace the injured Freddie Freeman, Adams has produced .284/.332/.596 with 14 home runs. The Braves have been talking with other teams about Adams. Apparently they are not intrigued by what... »

Teheran Rumors Spice Second Half

Braves starter Julio Teheran will be a huge key as the Braves second half moves forward. The veteran right-hander struggled in the first half, finishing with a 4.76 ERA. Teheran will be a key through stepping up his game or being involved in a trade. ESPN’s Buster Olney is reporting the Braves are very open to offers for Teheran. The Colombian has a decent 7-6 record, aided by the 4th best r... »

John Smoltz Atlanta Braves Net Worth

John Smoltz, former Atlanta Braves pitcher and Hall of Famer, has a net worth that is speculated to be $60 million.  Maybe dad should have spent more time when you were young, playing catch in the backyard? I’m not sure why we care about the net worth of John Smoltz or any other sports celebrities, but when you see the high ratings for shows like TMZ and the number of magazines sold about ce... »