Braves Rebuild Concerns

John Schuerholz won all the division championships, everybody loves Snit, Coppy is the the boy wonder and John Hart is the proven veteran.  But when is this crew going to win?

At what point does the rebuild transition from hope to excuse?  Are three awful years enough or is this rebuild going to generate another failed season?  Or another after that?  How much more rebuild can one fan base take?  If the Braves fail to compete for the fourth season in a row, is a new stadium enough to keep Braves fans engaged?

These are just a few questions to ponder as spring training keeps inching closer.

What I see right now is a lot of maybes in the minors and an aging roster on the major league level.  Nick Markakis, Matt Kemp, Adonis Garcia, Tyler Flowers, Anthony Recker and Sean Rodriguez are all well over 30.  That adds up to four starter positions and the top utility player  who may be close to aging off by the time the prospects in the minors are ready in a year or two or three.

Replacing that many position players is no easy task and the talent in the minors is not there.  Yeah I know, the young pitchers are the currency but right now their development says they are worth pesos rather than dollars.

The dots on this rebuild haven’t connected yet for me.  The roster is still in major transition with a lot more older players than up and comers.  When last season started the Braves had the third oldest roster in the majors.  It won’t be much younger this season.

I’m not feeling this rebuild, folks.  I need your help.  Please tell me why I should be more optimistic!

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Except this will only be the 3rd year of the rebuild. The terrible 2014 season was with all of those big name acquisitions that did us absolutely no good. Wren left this team with a bloated pay roll and a terrible farm system. This stuff doesn’t happen over night.

Atlanta Bullpen

The article doesn’t specifically says three years of rebuild, it says three years of losing. But yes, rebuilds don’t happen overnight. Is there a guarantee of a World Series appearance within the next three years? Is there a playoff guarantee in the next two years? This is an awful lot of pain to go through without a major payoff. Totally agree, Wren was a nightmare!! Thank you for responding and expressing your thoughts.