Braves New Stadium Debate Over

Turner Field

Turner Field

When the Atlanta Braves announced their new stadium in Cobb County, there was outrage from the city of Atlanta and many fans.  Some reasonable and logical reasons were given why the move did not make sense.

Just a few short months removed from the announcement, we all now know what a great decision the Braves made to build their own stadium in Cobb County.  The stadium debate is over.

Sure, crackpots like Atlanta ad executive Mike McDonald will beat the drums and an Atlanta politician or two will try to use the stadium for a few votes.  But they are swinging a hammer the size that a doctor uses to test your reflexes, not a sledgehammer.

Based on income stream projections from the new stadium, the Braves were able to lock up some of their young guns with long-term, lucrative contracts.  That wasn’t a total surprise since the bulk of the money would be paid after the new stadium was opened and it made sense that the Braves would want their young stars to showcase the new crib.

The big surprise came when the Braves opened up the vault to the tune of $14.1 million to sign starter Ervin Santana to a one-year deal.  We’ve heard for years that the Braves were on a tight budget mandated by owner, Liberty Media (around $90 million the past half-dozen seasons for so) and they always stayed close to their budget number.

We heard this season that the Braves had a budget around $100 million and they weren’t far away from that number heading into the season.  So the Santana signing came out of left field.

The Braves are either overly giddy about the new cash flow they will be getting from the new stadium and it is causing them to get loose with the wallet, or the numbers they have put together look really good.  Either way it doesn’t matter to the fans, the bottom line is that money is being spent to win games.  The Braves have already proven that the new stadium is a great move.

Debate over…


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