Braves Management Worse Case Scenario?

The Braves have been in full tear down mode all winter, trading off solid major league players for prospects. Casinos and experts have taken note, almost all predicting that the Braves will finish the 2015 season with  a low 70s win total , one of the worst in major league baseball.

But what happens if players like Freddie Freeman, Chris Johnson, Andrelton Simmons and Nick Markakis all hit up to their potential?   What if second base phenom Jose Peraza is ready and uses his blazing speed to ignite the top of the line-up? What if this team that still does have significant talent, comes in hungry and fired up and works hard and with emotion in 2015 with the laser-focused goal to prove everybody wrong?

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Say what you want about the Braves potential to score runs, the starting pitching and bullpen are still very solid and will keep the Braves close in a lot of games.  It actually isn’t even a stretch to think the Braves pitching staff in 2015 could be a little better, particularly the starters.

The worst case scenario for the Braves management may be if this team is in contention for a play-off spot in July. If that happens, how could they justify trading off more veterans at the trade deadline to bring in additional minor league prospects or young players? How could they even justify NOT trading a prospect or two to bring in a needed veteran to shore up a weakness and make a playoff run?

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If there is a chance to make a play off run and Braves management doesn’t take it, what is the point of fans buying tickets?

If the Braves are in playoff contention in mid-July, it could create a very interesting dilemna for the Braves front office.  After all, isn’t the real goal to point toward the new stadium opening in 2017?

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