Braves Line-Up Resembles Steak and Ice Cream


The Braves line-up will be on a power trip this season

I really want to get excited about the trade that brought Justin Upton to Atlanta.  What is strange, is that I really like Justin Upton, and think he will do great things for the Braves.  Upton could potentially be the Braves’ best position player.

So why am I not yet “all in” on this Justin Upton trade?

To borrow a basketball analogy, when I look at the Braves roster now, I see half a dozen shooting guards and no point guards.  In other words, there’s no big-time lead-off man, and there’s no prototypical number two-man in the order. But there’s a whole bunch of guys who swing from the heels.

As my colleague here on Atlanta Bullpen, James Thurn, has pointed out, Andrelton Simmons can be a decent option at lead-off.  But I’d rather see him farther down in the line-up, where he can continue to develop with his head clear, and not have the pressure to take pitches, steal, and be a stud on the bases.

With all the power and few high on-base type players, the Braves line-up this season will be like having just steak and ice cream at dinner, with no appetizer, no soup, no salad, and no veggies.  Just all protein and dessert with nothing else.

Isn’t balance supposed to be the key to life?  Isn’t doing too much of something you like called obsessive compulsive disorder?  You’re probably thinking that I must be crazy, drawing a parallel to psychology and a batting line-up.  Maybe you are right… 😉

Here’s my fearless prediction:  at some point this season, Frank Wren will make a move to bring in a player that can be the calamari, or maybe even the onion soup at the top of the order.  When it will happen, I don’t know.  It may not be until the trade deadline, but I’d be surprised if a move isn’t made at some point.

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Bob Long
Bob Long

I agree. I think that, if Beachy is ready before the trade deadline, Maholm may be traded. Unfortunately, third base (or possibly catcher) would be the only areas that would need an upgrade. I can see Fredi falling in love with Francisco if he hits .240 and has 10 to 12 HRs by the deadline. Beside, how many high OBP guys play third and play it well?