Braves Have Sugar Blues

The Braves lost to the Blue Jays 6-5 in 10 innings Saturday afternoon when reliever Sugar Ray Marimon gave up a long home run to DH Josh Donaldson.  It didn’t take long for Donaldson to size up Marimon, the blast came on Marimon’s second pitch.

Unless you took the time to do some internet research, you are probably wondering who is Sugar Ray Marimon.  His birth name actually is Sugar Ray, not Ray with the Sugar monicker stuck in the front.

Sugar Ray is of course the nickname of former boxing champions “Sugar” Ray Leonard and “Sugar” Ray Robinson.  Sugar Ray Marimon in his two appearances with the Braves has been absorbing the punches, rather than throwing them.  His line is 4 IP, 5 H, 1 BB, 3 K, 1 HR, 6.75 ERA.

The Braves acquired Marimon in the off-season by signing him to a minor league contract.  He had spent his entire baseball career in the Kansas City Royals minor league system.  It wasn’t a stellar career, over nine seasons Marimon compiled a 4.13 ERA in 656 2/3 innings.

I looked around the internet to come up with some insight on Marimon, the first info I found was from the fairly well respected website called RotoWorld.  Here is their assessment of Marimon when the Braves signed him, “Marimon has spent his entire professional career in the Royals’ organization and compiled a 3.19 ERA and 84/35 K/BB ratio over 115 2/3 innings last season between three different levels in the minors. He turned 26 in September and is strictly organizational depth.”

Note the term “organizational depth” that RotoWorld used to describe Marimon.  That is code word for being a warm body who is going to stay in the minors unless half the major league club gets malaria.

Well, Marimon is a major leaguer and no one got sick or hurt for him to end up in Atlanta.  Not to dump on Marimon, but having him in Atlanta right now shows that the minor league pitching depth isn’t very good at the moment.

Hopefully some of the Braves younger and better arms will develop quick or there will be more unhappy late inning losses like yesterday.

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