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Is it time to panic yet?

A big challenge in covering the Atlanta Braves is having to deal with the “college football mentality.”  College7 football is king in the south, and fans take that mentality into the football season.  I think I wrote a similar article before last season and I feel compelled to do the same again as a reminder.

As a recovering college football fanatic, I feel compelled to help others, so please bare with me…

I know it is going to happen, it is only a matter of time.  About mid to late April if not before, the Braves will lose three in a row and fans will be in panic mode.  Twitter, Facebook and the blogs will be alive with, “What is wrong with the Braves?” “Fire Fredi!” “Fire Wren!”

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Heck, the Braves have lost their first two spring training games, should we panic now?!!

Three losses in a row is time to panic, after all you can’t win an SEC Championship with three losses in a row!

If you are a Braves fan who suffers from “college football mentality,”  do you understand simple arithmetic?  College foot ball teams only play 12 regular season games.  Major league baseball teams play 162.  Do the math, each individual regular season game in baseball impacts the season a fraction of what a college football game does.

Major league baseball teams, even championship caliber teams, have losing streaks and play lousy baseball for long periods of time during the season.  But like great football teams, great baseball teams are ready to play come September.  Lets hope the Braves finish strong this season and carry that momentum into the playoffs.

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If the Braves are playing lousy come September, then lets all panic together.

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Steve Bell
Steve Bell

The thing about the losing streaks are that I always think “I” see the problem and could fix it if given the chance. Sometimes the streaks seem unnecessary and as if the team doesn’t care as much about winning as “I” do. I know this is irrational, but it explains, at least for me, why some fans panic.

Mike Crowe
Mike Crowe

It’s not irrational Steve, you are smarter than the heads in Atlanta right now, that’s all. Jim says. “It’s kinda like politics.” Bingo! Dead on. It’s kinda like what’s his salary. There is no other explination. But let’s give them a chance, it’s early. Hopefully this year will be different. Smart people learn from their mistakes.

Mike Crowe
Mike Crowe
I know what you’re saying, and one of Bobby Cox’s greatest attributes was patience. But then he had pitching. Last time I looked the games in April count just as much as the games in September, and if the two U brothers had been dealt with early last year and put out to pasture (not the field of play) then we win 104 games. If Washington is back this season I’ll keep my “football mentality” thank you. It all depends on the player of course, but I think we know who we can wait on and who we can say… Read more »