Braves Dan Uggla: Baseball’s Sibyl

Dan Uggla Braves

Dan Uggla is a 3-time All-Star

Atlanta Braves second baseman Dan Uggla can make you shake your head and slam your fist down on the table.  If it wasn’t for maturity and not wanting to injure yourself, that fist could just as easily be put through a wall, or maybe even a window.

Sometimes when you see Uggla strike out on three pitches, while looking ridiculous, it makes you wonder if he is suffering from severe cataracts and can’t even see the ball.

Just when you think he couldn’t possibly get any worse, he doesn’t.  He hits three home runs against the Dodgers in two days, including two on Sunday, and makes Braves fans everywhere giddy as grandma on homemade wine.

Uggla oftentimes looks like he has no idea what a strike is, or where it is located.  He currently leads the major leagues in strikeouts, yet he knows the strike zone well enough to be fourth in walks.  Does that make any sense?

Uggla can look horrible, like he did in the first half of the 2011 season, and then come back in the second half of the season and be the hottest hitter in baseball.  At times Uggla struggles to even hit a weak ground ball to second, then he will all of a sudden blast a Herculean shot deep into the bleachers.

Dan Uggla is truly baseball’s Sibyl.  Not in a psychological sense, but in a baseball sense.  Sibyl was a woman in a famous fictional book who had  dissociative identity disorder, better known as having multiple personalities.  The book was later made into two movies.

Uggla’s game has multiple personalities and you never know which one is going to show up or when.  If he ever put together one of his signature hot streaks in the playoffs, he could literally carry the Braves to a World Series championship single-handedly.

He could also cost you the window in your TV room and a couple dozen stitches in your knuckles…

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uggla sucks

It is impossible not to like Uggla as a person. He plays the game right through his hustle. There are a lot of nice guys hustling their way through the majors that do not make 13+ million a year, though. Uggla did not earn his money in the first half of 2011, or in all of 2012. Would Dave Kingman or Gorman Thomas bring down the kind of money Uggla is making if they were free agents today? I do not think so. I am pulling for Uggla to have a great rest of the season because I love the… Read more »
If you cant bat 200 in MLB you shouldn’t be starting…period. To quote Mr. Hart “If he ever put together one of his signature hot streaks in the playoffs, he could literally carry the Braves to a World Series championship single-handedly.” I would submit that his performance last year could have very well cost them a trip to the world series. I can understand a professional player having a slump but he hits consistently under .200. He’s playing because of his ridiculous contract not because of performance. So he hit a few HR. A broken clock is right twice a… Read more »

On a lighter note…
Danny Boy,
I do wish you the best of luck. Your success is the Braves success. And, after all, that’s what we all want.
HIT 300 in July and I’ll be your BFF!



I couldn’t agree more with this article. Dan Uggla is frustrating, and not worth the money he garners. However, Uggla is not the only Sibyl on this team. We never know which Justin Upton will be taking the field either. Last night with two on, and a chance to tie the game, he watches the 3rd strike whiz by with no attempt to swing. Also, his play in the outfield is dicey as well. Why are Pena, Shafer, & R. Johnson being benched, while we have angst over these unproductive “Sybils?”

iknow morethan you
iknow morethan you
yesah he sucks and he needs to go even if we just get cash exchange .if only we had prado or infante back….paul janish can make that position improve TREMENDOUSLY simply from his glove. dan uggla cant field and cant throw. he couldnt hit freemans glove if he was 20 ft away. when he dives for balls he dont try to catch t, he tries to throw his body on top and trap it(watch it close next time)…..THE ONE THING THAT GETS ME THE MOST IS CLUTCH SITUATONS THE BALLS HE TRIES TO HIT….HE IS A HOME-RUN HITTER..NOT A AVERAGE… Read more »