Braves Baseball Feels Like the Good Old Days

Simmons Kimbrel

Will Braves fans show up for the first round games?

As we head into September, Atlanta Braves baseball 2013 feels like the good old days.  It feels like back in the days when the Braves won 14 division championships in a row, and fans expected them to be in the playoffs, like it was their birthright.

No one expected the Braves to run away with the NL East this season.  Washington was supposed to be a powerhouse and the Braves would have all they could handle to hang in there with them.  We all expected a wire-to-wire, exciting pennant race.

Instead, the Braves hold a 13 game lead, and like the good old days when everyone expected the Braves to be in the playoffs, fans are tuning out of the Braves, and fixating on college football.  Then when it gets to the end of the season, and the playoffs are on the horizon, folks will focus their full attention back to the Braves.

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There is still the business of finishing with the best record in the National League and securing home field advantage throughout the NLCS.  But I don’t think that is going to capture the imagination of fans and entice them away from their precious college football.

Atlanta is such a different sports town than the other major markets.  Of course, there’s nowhere else in the country where college football is as big as it is in the southeast.

I even know some college football fans who like the Braves, but amazingly, they get ticked off when the Braves take away attention from their beloved college football.  Heard a couple of them complaining about that just the other day.  Yep, feels like the old days.

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I’m staying focused until the end, although I must admit that the Crimson Tide, Buckeyes, & Saints are in the background. I must give kudos to BJ Upton, who I have frequently trashed this season. In his effort last evening, he not only made contact and got a hit, he also made several spectacular catches in centerfield. I hope that continues. You can count on me Jim. I’m with you until the last week in October! ps…your new profile pic has been greatly enhanced!


Meh, college football only costs one day a week. The Braves are around for six or seven. And the pitching is spellbinding.

Mike Crowe
Mike Crowe

It does feel like old times. Big lead, shooting for 100 wins, getting ready to set the rotation for postseason, well, almost. All we’re missing now is star power.