Braves Bad Good News

Normally when there’s word that an injured starter is beginning to progress and will resume workouts soon, it is great news.  The fan base breathes a huge sigh of relief and the mental calendar is noted when the hero is expected to return.

Unfortunately for the Atlanta Braves and Braves fans, the Melvin Upton situation is not normal.  I’m sure when many Braves fans heard that Upton received clearance to begin ramping up activites on Friday, they didn’t breathe at all.  All good things must come to an end, the old cliche goes.

In normal life, humans almost always wish and pray for the sick and injured to get well.  But sports is not normal life and while fans don’t wish Upton any ill in his personal life, a reasonable setback that keeps his strikeouts and errors out of their consciousness can’t be all bad, can it?

Personally, I don’t think that way, but I’ve read and heard Braves fans who have expressed the sentiment.

After all, the man is making $15 million a year and who wouldn’t accept a minor foot injury for that kind of money?

A friend of mine has a saying that she uses all the time, oftentimes to my annoyance.  She learned it from a psychology professor she had in college.  It goes, “everything is always as it should be.”  At this point in time, I’m sure many Braves fans look at Upton’s absence from the Braves line-up through the prism of this saying.

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