Braves Liquidate Cameron Maybin

Your Atlanta Braves traded the asset known as Cam Maybin and his $8 million per year paycheck for a couple pitching prospects.  The Braves need more pitching prospects like Charlie Sheen needs another hooker.

Atlanta announced the Maybin trade late on Friday afternoon, do you think that was a coincidence?  It may have been, except that announcing unpopular news late on Friday is on the front page of the media relations playbook.  Late afternoon on Friday is low on the totem pole of news cycles and when sports teams and organizations try to slip one by the media and fans.

The Braves trying to slip a trade by the Braves media and fans nowadays is like the Braves 2015 bullpen trying to slip a fastball past Bryce Harper.   It may happen, just not in this lifetime.  After the huge backlash the Braves received from the Simmons trade, any regular being traded is going to mostly anger fans.

There was no centerfielder that came back in the Maybin deal, so who will player center field next year is the current Braves trivia question.  We know it won’t be Michael Bourn, his gas tank is on the fringes of “E.”

John Coppolella, the Braves GM, seems very confident in his gameplan.  There may not be anyone outside the Braves organization who shares his confidence, but that doesn’t seem to bother the Notre Dame grad.

The last time Atlanta had a GM as confident as Coppolella, his name was Don Waddell.  As Thrashers GM Waddell had a “5-year plan” that became a 10-year nightmare.

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Maybin wasn’t worth $8 mil per year.