Andrelton Simmons Trade Fallout

We are in mid November, so four and a half months until Braves Opening Day.  A lot can happen between now and then, but I’m curious how the heck the Braves plan on selling tickets in 2016.

When I say a lot could happen, I am referring to the roster.  Could the Braves do an about face and acquire some honest to goodness, real major leaguers, between now and the beginning of next season?  The answer is easy and it is no.  They will liquidate more major league talent before they will acquire any.

From the fans’  perspective, this relationship with the Braves has become like an abusive marriage.  The Braves are mentally and emotionally abusing fans with the promise that they are doing it because in the long run everything will be great.  In the interim the dog will be given away, the house sold, the kids will be doing a lot of crying and mom will spend her nights wide awake in bed, planning her exit strategy.

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If you have followed baseball for a long time, you have seen your share of rebuilds.  Have you ever seen one like this?  They will never find the black box from this crash, it has totally disintegrated.

Are you surprised that the Braves didn’t receive a pitcher who had Tommy John surgery in the Andrelton Simmons trade?  There must not have been any available, I guess.  They have already acquired them all.

But don’t worry folks, 2016 will still be a fun and exciting year for Braves fans.  There’s another “Farewell Tour” on tap for 2016!  The Braves don’t contend for championships anymore, so they have farewell tours!  First they had the Bobby Cox Farewell Tour, then the Chipper Jones Farewell Tour, now the Turner Field Farewell Tour!

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