Acuna’s Only Potential Chink in the Armor

Ronald Acuna has been absolutely splendid so far since being called up. Speed, power, defense, he’s flashed all 5 tools.

Acuna has been everything that we were told he would be, maybe even a little more if that is possible.

I’m a huge Acuna fan, but there is something a friend pointed out the other day that concerns me. Acuna moved through the Braves minor league system so fast, he wasn’t anywhere long enough for the opponent to adjust That is a legitimate concern.

We saw what happened to Dansby Swanson after opponents analyzed his swing and refined their game plan. He crapped out the entire 2017 season trying to adjust to the opponents’ adjustments. Swanson was similar to Acuna in that he had a meteoric rise through the minors.

Barring injury, Acuna will be a phenomenal player, I have no doubt about that. Will he have an extended period where he struggles? Could he potentially be sent down to the minors at some point like Swanson before rebounding and resuming his greatness?

I wouldn’t count it out as a possibility

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